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Advanced Dental Services & Technologies – McKinney, TX

Forefront of Advanced Care for Growing Smiles

Today’s dental technology is simply amazing. Using the latest tools and technologies, our team is able to accomplish things for our patients that were simply impossible just a few years ago. We are constantly investing in our facility and training to keep up with the latest advancements, and because of this, we can guarantee that your child will receive efficient, comfortable, and effective care at every single visit. Your favorite smile deserves the absolute best, and you’ll find exactly that right here at Sprout Dentistry for Kids.

Sprout Dentistry for Kids is Committed to State-of-the-Art Services & Technologies

Intraoral Cameras

Child receiving intraoral images

Our intraoral camera helps our team, parents, and even our patients get a magnified look at their smiles. The instrument is barely bigger than a pen, and it fits comfortably into even the smallest mouth to capture highly-detailed pictures of the teeth and gums. We can then display these pictures on a nearby monitor, pointing out any potential problem areas and discussing all applicable treatment options.

Digital X-Rays

Smiling woman in dental chair

Radiation is present in our everyday environment from the sun, to our personal electronic devices we carry every day, such as our cell phones. We understand parents’ concerns about exposure to radiation, which is why we only recommend radiographs when necessary for diagnostic reasons and adhere to the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle in regards to radiographs. This is why we only use digital radiograph sensors which minimizes the amount of radiation necessary to negligible amounts. In fact, the amount of radiation from a set of dental radiographs can even be lower than the average daily dose of radiation from normal everyday life

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry system

Our Solea soft and hard tissue laser might seem like it’s from the future, but it’s something we gladly use every day here at Sprout Dentistry for Kids. With it, we can eliminate harmful bacteria that cause gum disease, prepare a tooth for a filling, treat annoying aphthous ulcers, and even remove minor stains all without a drill or needle. Treatment with the laser is consistently fast, precise, and pain-free from beginning to end. Most children don’t even know we’ve started a procedure unless we tell them!

Electric Handpieces

Electric dental tool

Patient comfort is extremely important when it comes to pediatric dentistry, which is why we exclusively use electric handpieces when performing a wide variety of procedures. These don’t emit the noise, vibration, or heat common with other dental tools, making it easy for young patients to stay completely relaxed during their appointments. In fact, these instruments often make local anesthetic unnecessary, meaning your child won’t have any lingering numbness following a visit.

Airway/Sleep Apnea Assessment

Tired child holding his head

Childhood sleep apnea is one of the most underdiagnosed disorders in the country. It can actually make a child hyper and cause them to have difficulties focusing, which is why it is often wrongly diagnosed as ADD/ADHD! We can perform a thorough airway assessment for your child to see how at risk they are for having sleep apnea. We recommend that a child should undergo this screening if they are frequently tired, snore, primarily breathe through their mouth, or have symptoms akin to ADD/ADHD.

Radiation-Free Decay Detection Tool

The CariVu system

Our radiation-free decay detection tool operates as a cavity detection device and a high-magnification intraoral camera. Emitting no radiation, it can easily detect small amounts of decay inside a tooth, providing greater accuracy when locating and tackling potential problems. This allows us to better preserve a child’s teeth and is much more effective (and comfortable) compared to a traditional exam.

One-Visit Dental Restorations

Mother in dnetal chair holding child in her lap

One-visit restorations enable us to literally repair a damaged or decayed tooth in just a single appointment, restoring a child’s smile and dental health in record time. We use our Solea dental laser or electric handpieces to quickly and painlessly prepare teeth to receive a tooth-colored filling, an approach that is so gentle, we often don’t even need to numb with injections. We can then place a restoration that’s been specially colored to match your child’s teeth, making whatever problem they might have quickly disappear.

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