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Early Orthodontic Solutions – McKinney, TX

Improving Your Child’s Growing Smile

By the time your child is the age of 7, it is recommended that they receive their first orthodontic screening. At Sprout Dentistry for Kids, Dr. Justin and Dr. Sage understand that certain habits can develop from a young age and result in worsening orthodontic problems, which is why they are pleased to offer pediatric orthodontics in McKinney. By providing early orthodontic solutions, we can begin treating their teeth early, working to correct any potential problems before they progress. As young teeth are often not finished fully erupting, Dr. Justin and Dr. Sage can better guide these teeth early on, ensuring they develop correctly. If you are looking for an office that offers pediatric dentistry in McKinney to help with your child’s dental and orthodontic needs, give us a call and let us help you and your child take the necessary steps to better oral health.

Why Choose Sprout Dentistry for Kids for Early Orthodontic Solutions?

Space Maintainers

A young boy smiling in the dentist’s chair while the dentist and assistant review paperwork in the background

If your child has a baby tooth that has fallen out too early, their nearby healthy teeth may try to shift before the permanent tooth has a chance to replace it. Before this happens, we can place a space maintainer to keep the vacated socket open, allowing the adult tooth to effectively erupt and grow in straight without obstruction. With regular dental checkups every six months, Dr. Justin and Dr. Sage will be able to monitor the development of your child’s teeth, ensuring that if a baby tooth is lost too early, proper measures can be taken to prevent a need for orthodontics in the future.

Non-Nutritive Habit Appliances

A young boy smiling with dental tools in the background

If your child has developed bad habits over the years such as thumb-sucking, it can lead to various problems for their developing teeth and jaw. In order to help your child break these bad habits, we can not only provide proven strategies that focus on positive reinforcement, but we can evaluate and recommend what the best course of therapy is to break the habit. There are various courses of treatment available for habit coaching including habit appliances that are worn on the hands or inside the mouth. These are designed to serve as a reminder to cease and discourage the habit by decreasing the positive feedback and enjoyment found in thumb-sucking.


A boy asleep and sucking his thumb

Have you ever noticed that your child’s bottom teeth come in front of his or her upper teeth when biting together? Crossbites, commonly referred to as an underbite, are a form of malocclusion or poor lateral alignment of the teeth where the position of the upper and lower teeth are reversed in relation to one another. Normally, the upper teeth are in a position closer to the cheeks or lips and the bottom teeth are in a position closer to the tongue. However, crossbites involve on or multiple teeth having the opposite orientation where the bottom teeth are closer to the lips or cheek. Crossbites can develop for multiple reasons including a history of trauma, non-nutritive sucking habits, dental crowding, and poor timing in the loss of baby teeth or the eruption of adult teeth. Spotting these issues early on may allow for simple measures to be taken to correct the issue at a younger age. Severe crossbites can cause premature wear and damage to teeth, skeletal growth problems, and are more prone to severe injury in accidents involving trauma to the teeth. Dr. Justin and Dr. Sage check for the presence of any malocclusions or crossbites during their examination and can inform you of the possible need for any interventions necessary.

Phase 1 Orthodontics

A young girl having her teeth checked

Phase 1 Interceptive Orthodontics is the earliest form of orthodontic treatment. Once Dr. Justin or Dr. Sage examine your child’s oral structure, they will create a customized treatment plan should they notice any problem areas that need correction, such as jaw growth or bite alignment. Children who require Phase 1 Orthodontics typically have protruding teeth, difficulty chewing or biting, suck their thumb, have a shifting jaw, or have crowded front teeth. By employing this type of treatment, it will make it possible for adult teeth to erupt and grow in straight, and it will reduce the chances of possible tooth extraction one day. Phase 1 (Interceptive Orthodontics) also maximizes a child’s growth potential and can decrease the future overall duration of orthodontic treatment that your child may need.

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