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Teething – McKinney, TX

Alleviating Pain for a Developing Smile

A baby with two bottom teeth showing

Is your baby beginning to show signs of teething in McKinney? Whether you are a first-time parent, or this is your second or third child, this stage of development can be difficult for both you and your little one. Fortunately, at Sprout Dentistry for Kids, Dr. Justin and Dr. Sage can provide useful tips and recommendations to make the process more pleasant for everyone in your household. Call us today for information on how you can best care for your teething baby.

Why Choose Sprout Dentistry for Kids?

The Teething Process

A baby smiling with two top and two bottom teeth showing

When your child is born, all 20 primary teeth are sitting and waiting to erupt through their gums. Typically, between 6 and 12 months of age, you can expect to see the one or a few teeth push through, causing your little one to experience some discomfort and irritability. It is likely that all of their baby teeth will be fully erupted by the time they are 3 years old.

Signs Your Baby is Teething

A baby chewing on its fingers

One of the most prominent signs that your baby is teething is drooling. During the early months when teething is just beginning, it might be advantageous to have them wear a bib to prevent numerous clothing changes. However, there are other ways to determine if your baby’s teeth are slowly erupting. These include:

Although some experts disagree, if you notice that your child is running a fever of 102 degrees or higher and has diarrhea, make sure to call your doctor as soon as possible, as this most likely is not attributed to teething.

How to Alleviate Pain

A baby chewing on a teether

Your pediatric dentist in McKinney will be happy to provide useful tips and suggestions on ways to make the teething process easier on your baby. Since pain and discomfort almost always coincide with this dental development, a few ways you can help minimize your baby’s pain include:

Be mindful of the types of foods you give your child since many contain sugar and can lead to tooth decay. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry does not recommend and actually discourages the use of over-the-counter pain relievers and medications that contained lidocaine or benzocaine. Topical teething gels that contain lidocaine or benzocaine are largely ineffective because they wash out of the baby’s mouth in mere minutes, and babies usually end up swallowing the substance, which can extremely harmful in large enough amounts.

How We Can Help

A baby smiling with a towel wrapped around it

Dr. Justin and Dr. Sage are experts when it comes to teething and will be happy to assist in helping you and your baby move through this process. Whether it is recommending products that are safe to use, tips to alleviate discomfort, or identifying symptoms that may or may not be associated with teething, we are here to help.

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