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Holistic Alternatives – McKinney, TX

Choose Holistic Options for a Healthy Smile

We understand and agree that your child’s overall health is paramount, so we offer a holistic approach to your child’s oral health. The condition of your child’s dental health is important for more than just a beautiful smile. It also plays a crucial role in their speech, breathing, facial growth, development, self-esteem, and systemic health. If a tooth is compromised by decay, disease, or injury, it can have lasting complications. As a holistic dentist in McKinney, Sprout Dentistry for Kids can restore your child’s smile using biocompatible solutions that can ease parents’ minds. We empathize with the fact that parents may have concerns about treatment options and dental materials, so we offer alternatives that can put children and parents at ease.

3 Reasons to Choose Sprout Dentistry for Kids

Oral and General Health

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Nothing is more important than your child’s health and well-being. Did you know the gateway to their general health is their mouth? Oral and overall health are linked to one another. Not only can oral health issues impact your child’s physical well-being but also certain treatments. Sprout Dentistry for Kids strives to offer biocompatible treatments to promote your child’s smile while also nurturing their health as a whole.

Radiation-Free Decay Detection Tool

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When it comes to your child’s oral health, there is no bigger threat than tooth decay. By using a radiation-free decay detection tool, we can provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional x-rays when detecting decay inside a tooth. This quick and painless device can detect cavities with greater accuracy, making the treatment process much easier and more precise.

Digital X-Rays

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Radiation is present in our everyday environment from the sun, to our personal electronic devices we carry every day, such as our cell phones. We understand parents’ concerns about exposure to radiation, which is why we only recommend radiographs when necessary for diagnostic reasons and adhere to the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle in regards to radiographs. This is why we only use digital radiograph sensors which minimizes the amount of radiation necessary to negligible amounts. In fact, the amount of radiation from a set of dental radiographs can even be lower than the average daily dose of radiation from normal everyday life.

Metal-Free Restorations

Metal restorations have held a commonplace in dentistry to repair damaged teeth because of their durability and longevity. We understand parental concerns over the contents of metal restorations, as well as a preference for more esthetic dental restorations. As an alternative, we offer metal-free restorations made from composite resin material or Zirconia, which can provide extremely natural-looking results with improved durability.


Amalgam fillings are the go-to solution to treat small to moderate tooth decay in dentistry, but many parents express concern about your child’s exposure to mercury. We offer metal-free options with tooth-colored fillings. A BPA free composite resin material is used to rebuild the tooth structure that was compromised by decay. Composite resin restorations also bond to the tooth, which can decrease the risk for future fracture of the restoration as well as the tooth versus amalgam fillings. Not only does this improve the esthetics of the tooth, but it is also biocompatible and removes any concerns that parents may have over the contents of metal fillings.


Zirconia crowns are designed to match the appearance of your child’s tooth. They offer a more durable, natural-looking solution that does not contain any metal. This eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction to metals because it is biocompatible.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry offers the ideal alternative to drills and scalpels. To provide the best for our patients, we have invested in the Solea CO2 dental laser. Solea is the first CO2 dental laser cleared by the FDA for all-Tissue dental procedures, meaning treating cavities as well oral surgery that involves gums and or bone. The Solea CO2 laser uses light at a unique wavelength to successfully and precisely ablate or vaporize tooth, gingiva, or bone without contact. In addition, Solea uses a wavelength of light delivered in thousands of pulses per second that provides an analgesic effect that takes away almost all of the sensation. With the Solea CO2 laser 9 out of 10 patients usually don’t even require local anesthetic prior to treatment for fillings, leading to pain-free, needle-free, blood-free, and suture-free treatments. Overall, it is less invasive and safer to promote your child’s comfort and oral health.

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