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Pulp Therapy – McKinney, TX

Saving Teeth by Stopping the Spread of Bacteria

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Has your child expressed concern over a tooth that is creating intense pain? When an infection reaches the inner layer of the tooth (the pulp), it can lead to discomfort and inflammation resulting in the need for what is known as pulp therapy for kids in McKinney. At Sprout Dentistry for Kids, Dr. Justin and Dr. Sage understand this type of treatment can be unnerving for both parents and children; however, by incorporating gentle and safe techniques, we can carefully treat the infected area and provide your child with much needed relief. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discuss whether your child is in need of pulp therapy.

Why Choose Sprout Dentistry for Kids for Pulp Therapy?

What is Pulp?

A dentist and dental hygienist examining a young boy’s teeth and gums

In the center of every tooth is a small bit of nerve tissue called the dental pulp. It is comprised of tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. If decay and infection reach this particular area, it can cause serious pain and discomfort for your child. In most situations, it is decay or injury that can necessitates pulp therapy. Since children are still developing their motor skills and attempting to perfect their oral hygiene habits, it can be common for this type of therapy to be necessary, as their teeth are more prone to cavities. They’re also more susceptible to mouth-related injuries simply because of their active nature. 

What Are Signs of Bad Pulp?

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Pain often does not appear until it has reached the pulp, so identifying the signs might be difficult at first. However, should you or your child begin to notice any of the following signs, make sure to call our office and schedule an appointment:

How is it Treated?

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At Sprout Dentistry for Kids, it is our responsibility to ensure your child’s oral and overall health remain as healthy as possible. Believing the mouth and body are closely connected, Dr. Justin and Dr. Sage will be mindful of all variables when determining if pulp therapy is the right treatment option for your child. If so, you can feel confident knowing your little one will be safe and comfortable throughout the procedure, feeling nothing at all as we work to clean the damaged area.

The procedure will begin by our team numbing the area around the infected tooth. We will then simply remove the infected pulp, cleaning the area and leaving any remaining, healthy pulp untouched. Once this is finished, we will fill the tooth and recommend covering it with a crown completely to seal it off from further reinfection or damage, allowing it to develop and function normally.

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