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Tooth Extractions – McKinney, TX

Protecting Your Child’s Oral Health from Future Problems

Has your dentist expressed concern for your child’s oral health? Maybe there is a tooth that is severely decayed, their orthodontist recommends to have teeth removed to make space prior to braces, or their teeth are impacted and causing immense pain? Depending on the situation and your child’s individual needs, tooth extractions in McKinney may be necessary to protect your child’s oral health from future problems. At Sprout Dentistry for Kids, our board-certified pediatric dentists share a level of expertise that will give you and your child peace of mind when preparing for a tooth extraction. Using a gentle touch and calming environment, we’ll make sure your child’s dental needs are met with quality care you won’t find anywhere else. To schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals, contact us today.

Why Choose Sprout Dentistry for Kids for Tooth Extractions?

Why Your Child Might Need a Tooth Extracted

A young girl smiling with a missing tooth

Offering pediatric dentistry in McKinney, our dentists are confronted with various situations in which they must decide if a tooth extraction is necessary. Rest assured, if it’s possible for us to help your child keep their natural teeth, we will do everything we can to make it happen. However, extraction is often suggested when certain problems can no longer be addressed with other forms of treatment.

Your child may need a tooth extracted if:

What the Process is Like

A young girl smiling and pointing at the area of her missing front tooth

A typical tooth extraction procedure looks something like this:

  1. Your child’s dentist will begin by taking X-rays of their mouth to get a better look at their bone health and tooth roots.
  2. Once it is determined which tooth is to be removed, we will administer local anesthesia to ensure your child is comfortable throughout the procedure. It’ll feel like when your foot falls asleep after sitting on it for too long.
  3. Using gentle pressure and skillful technique, our dentists will wiggle the tooth until it slides out easily.
  4. Depending on the severity of the problem and condition of the tooth, adjunctive services may be recommended to improve your child’s comfort. Nitrous oxide and sedation are both simple and safe ways to help keep your child at ease during the treatment.

Supernumerary (Extra) Tooth Extractions

Two dentists performing dental work on a young girl’s mouth

Believe it or not, it is quite common for extra teeth to be present. This often can cause an issue with the eruption of permanent teeth, leading to crowding, teeth erupting in unfavorable positions, or failure of eruption of the normal teeth completely. Appropriately diagnosing and treatment planning for removal of these supernumerary teeth at the appropriate time can decrease future orthodontic treatment times and prevent more severe crowding and malocclusion (poor positioning) of adult teeth.

The procedure for removing supernumerary teeth is similar to a regular tooth extraction except, if the teeth are impacted, your child’s dentist will need to make access to locate and visualize the tooth prior to removal. An access will be required, possibly through the gingiva and bone, if necessary. Occasionally, teeth need to be sectioned into multiple pieces for easier removal. Otherwise, the tooth will be gently removed using a back and forth motion with a special set of instruments.

Aftercare Tips

A young boy smiling with a few missing teeth

Once the extraction is complete, there are some tips you’ll want to follow to make sure your child successful heals, such as:

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